Hey Team,

Woke up to some exciting news today… The Bluegrass Situation has premiered “Landfall,” written along with Sierra Noble, the first single from KIVALINA, my upcoming duo album with Jesse Terry! Listen HERE.

The album was inspired by stories of the people of Kivalina, AK, who have the unfortunate distinction of being some of North America’s first climate refugees; the village will completely disappear in less than ten years due to rising sea levels.

I’ve been feeling a bit helpless lately about our climate situation... it’s such an urgent issue and we just can’t seem to move the ball forward because of, basically, greed and tribalism. Sometimes I feel useless because I’m not an expert on the science or the policy surrounding the issue. Writing this album with Jesse was a way to process some of that pent up frustration. I hope this album can at least help move the conversation forward in some way.

Much love,